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Change starts on the inside.

Matt Rezac

Mindfulness-Based Coach & Consultant

I create change from the inside-out. 


Hi, I'm Matt. I’m passionate about how the inner life affects work, community and the overall health of society. The inner life includes personal development, team dynamics, organizational culture and unwritten social rules. These forces are silent and powerful. The inner life can help ideas, resources and talent flourish. It can also cause them to spin in place, or even waste away.


How can the inner life make such a difference? It is the root of calm, clear, courageous and compassionate action. As a coach and consultant, I help clients cultivate and access these traits within themselves. I guide clients along a path of change that is at once transformative and practical, provocative and attractive, empowering and (perhaps) upsetting. 


The results are better choices, skillful action and renewed vitality. 

I offer an eclectic and powerful set of  frameworks, processes, trainings and tools that help assess where you are, clarify where you're going and create a path forward. 


  • As a mindfulness-based coach and consultant, I am equipped to help clients access all sources of knowledge: intellectual, emotional, somatic, and intuitive.

  • As a practitioner of living system design, I help clients look to Nature for insight on themes including resilience, longevity, evolution and interdependence.

  • As a white male, I am committed to interrupting white dominant norms, such as perfectionism, urgency, paternalism, either/or thinking and fear of open conflict. This is systemic work that I begin with my own unexamined habits of thought, speech and behavior.

Here's how I can help you.



I help people develop a deeper capacity to both understand themselves and reach the next stage of their potential. My life experiences and advanced training have especially prepared me to work with: 

  • Non profit and philanthropy professionals

  • Emerging and mid-career professionals

  • Life disruptions and new beginnings

  • Developing an engaged mindfulness practice 

  • Habit deconstruction

  • Developing individual development plan

Learning + collaboration

  • Team capacity: I develop the capacity of teams to be more resourceful, collaborative, and creative.  I build candid rapport and foster alignment among skills to optimize team potential.

  • Peer learning: I host peer learning circles that unleash curiosity and self-agency while building trusting and insightful collegial networks.



  • Leadership teams: I help leadership teams build rapport, shared purpose, collaborative insights, and emergent strategies.

  • Organizational design: I design simple programs and structures that are tailored, efficient at scale and use only the resources needed.

  • Organizational healing: I walk with organizations limited by past scars to create workplace communities that are healed and generative. 

These are some of the good people with whom I've worked.

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