Create purpose-driven change that makes a lasting difference.

Matt Rezac, Founder

Creative Director for Learning + Change

We live in an opportunity paradox.  
Our options are endless...and that's a problem. We can 

lose our line of sight, become overwhelmed and 

actually miss promising opportunities. Meanwhile, 

there's a creeping sense we may be focusing energy 

in the wrong places.

Hi, I'm Matt.  
I help you create positive change. I foster clarity, capacity and strategic improvisation using an eclectic set of frameworks, processes, trainings and tools.. As a “backburner chef,” I support important-but-not-urgent activities that create deep impact, such as discernment, growth-edge learning, organizational health and elegant organizational design.

What is really needed to make a difference?

Imagine being clear and confident about your next best steps, having the courage to take risks, and the ability to access a deep, innate calm during unsettling times. Instead of uncertainty, imagine being able to focus your energy. You could create transformative relationships, dive into your curiosity, and innovate solutions unique to your skills, insights and opportunities. 

Introducing your backburner chef.

It’s easy to put such "deep work" on the backburner when you’re swamped with the demands of t-o-d-a-y. So think of me as your “backburner chef.” I attend to what is vital but not urgent, such as discernment, growth edge learning, and 

organizational health. I offer a roadmap, proven reflection tools, targeted training and creative, tailored processes.


Meanwhile, you focus on doing "you": the expert of your unique circumstances, 

creating meaningful change aligned to your purpose. 

My core services



I help people develop a deeper capacity to both understand themselves and reach the next stage of their potential. My life experiences and advanced training have especially prepared me to work with: 

  • Philanthropy boards, directors and program officers

  • Emerging and mid-career professionals

  • Life disruptions and new beginnings

  •  Habit deconstruction

  •  Developing individual development plans

  •  Developing an engaged mindfulness practice 

Learning + collaboration

  • Team capacity: I develop the capacity of teams to be more resourceful, collaborative, and creative.  I build candid rapport and foster alignment among skills to optimize team potential.

  • Peer learning: I host peer learning circles that unleash curiosity and self-agency while building trusting and insightful collegial networks.

Family + business philanthropy


I help family and business leaders take smart, targeted actions to create change that reflect their unique voice.  I help develop a clear purpose, guide action analysis and design strategic steps that leverage the tools of philanthropy.


(Psst:  it’s not just about the money.)



  • Senior leadership teams: I help leadership teams build rapport, shared purpose, collaborative insights, and emergent strategies.

  • Organizational design: I design simple programs and structures that are tailored, efficient at scale and use only the resources needed.

  • Organizational healing: I walk with organizations limited by past scars to create workplace communities that are healed and generative. 

Here are some of the people

I've had the good fortune to support.

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