Foster connections that 

  create change




         Capacity building 

I help clients develop the mindsets, skills and methods

needed to be effective collaborators in an

ever-changing, interdependent world.

~ Matt Rezac, founder of Blue Dot Consulting

Four practices

animate my work.

Forest Trees


We all have a "growth edge," beyond which lies the next best version of personal and professional self.



Conversation is the purposeful, powerful, actionable antidote to another meeting. 


Conflict happens between any two people. Learn the skills to make it a doorway rather than an endless loop.


Capacity Building

Learning happens when meaning, discernment and action gather to

make a difference.

Desert Trees

These are some of the people

I've had the good fortune to support.

Matt supported our team during a period of significant internal and external transition. He helped convene a cross-functional group of colleagues to identify a set of shared values and goals, distill complex – and sometimes competing – ideas, and chart a forward course. Through it all, he used visuals and metaphors to help simplify and capture our thinking in ways that resonated across our organization. We are grateful for his support!

~ Erin Imon Gavin

Director of Program Integration

The McKnight Foundation

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