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 Get to know Blue Dot Consulting
About Matt - Values - Why "Blue Dot?"

Matt Rezac

Mindfulness-Based Coach and Consultant 

First a snapshot of where my head’s at: I’m passionate about how our personal, inner journeys affect our everyday work and the overall health of society. I believe self-limiting beliefs and habits keep us from creating positive change. I believe dominant society creates harmful, widespread trauma that we’re learning how to heal. Doing so creates life-giving possibilities. My personal experience is a great illustration of this! 


I have always sought to be of good use, and (stubbornly?) insistent on walking my own path. I created a bachelor’s degree in theology and world religions and pursued a master’s degree in pastoral studies and small community formation…just because they interested me. I didn’t know what I’d do for work. I’m certified as a group facilitator because I hate pointless, non-participatory meetings. I’m an empath and have high sensitivity to group dynamics from being the youngest of 10 kids. I’ve been an artist, hops grower and backyard chicken advocate. I write songs.


My journey of work

Before being a coach and consultant, my career focused on leadership and community development. I started as a professional social justice Catholic and then found my way into the rarified air of philanthropy. The former taught me to think like an institution and that “no one likes a grim do-gooder.” The latter taught me that “culture eats strategy for lunch” and all the money, talent and bright ideas in the world don’t do much good without the ability to create tried-and-true, trusting relationships. 


I’ve had the good fortune to work with a wide variety of people and professions, including business, banking, entrepreneurship, social services, non-profit management, K-12 education, higher education, government, farming and ranching and more. I’ve worked with people in situations of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. 


I think women and BIPOC voices should finally lead. I see my role as learning to embody an ongoing transformation of my male whiteness and skillfully change European-dominant institutions that benefit people like me. I think white men can become part of the solution for an equitable future and am eager to help discover that path. I start with the belief that we suffer from a widespread failure to realize we are all interconnected and interdependent. 


Mindfulness-based approach

I practice as a coach while pursuing International Coaching Federation accreditation through the Mindfulness Coaching School. I am trained in using EMDR and Internal Family Systems in coaching contexts. I’m a certified meditation teacher and have explored mindfulness and meditation through many traditions, including Vipassana, Zen, “Mondo” Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism. I have dedicated recent years to learning “effortless mindfulness” as taught by Loch Kelly. I believe effortless mindfulness is the core practice for accessing our innate, transformative traits when they’re needed most. 


Since 2015, I have been recreating a life of wellness and integration after developing a painful gap between my inner and external life. This has included difficult and transformative changes, including divorce, creating a new career identity, making significant improvements in my mental and physical health, and learning how to care for myself, partner and daughters in new ways. I am so grateful for these changes. They inform how I seek to help others nurture change in themselves, their families, workplaces and communities. 


If you’re still reading…wow, thanks!

If any of this resonates with you, please reach out. I’d love to discover how we might help one another find a new path forward.

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Blue Dot Values

Get to the heart of what matters

Consultants should alleviate challenges and create clarity, not just generate information. I get to the heart of what matters by listening carefully, directly addressing clients’ core concerns, providing new understanding, and increasing meaningful choices in a clear and immediately useful way.

Advance antiracism, equity & inclusion 

My blind spots and those of my clients are assumed and acknowledged as a starting place from which to actively mitigate racism and other biases to advance equity. I educate myself on structural racism and inequity and work with my clients, advisors, and community members to identify and eliminate structural barriers to equity. I acknowledge intersectionality and seek missing perspectives, especially from the people most directly affected by our thoughts and actions. I embrace and skillfully leverage the creative tension that emerges when diverse points of view are brought into dialogue.

Be rigorous & find upstream solutions

I am curious, intellectually disciplined, and dedicated to quality. I probe my own and others’ surface-level interpretations of data and resist the appeal of jumping to quick conclusions. Instead I prioritize deep understanding of root causes and look upstream for discernment of long-term and catalytic solutions. I combine rigorous methods and practical mindsets from project design to final reporting.


Model facilitative leadership & participatory learning

I believe that human systems are optimized through engagement. As a leader and consultant, I emphasize participation to create robust feedback loops, access the unique lived experiences and expertise of all stakeholders, and generate solutions that authentically reflect the people most directly affected by our work.

Be relational & have fun

Expertise, resources, and even hard work are underutilized when they are not accompanied by trusting relationships and collegial rapport. I mitigate the stress of the modern workplace, and do my best work, when I connect with, support, and enjoy my colleagues as human beings. I practice gratitude for the opportunity to do great work in service to positive community change.

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Why Blue Dot?

Blue Dot Consulting was named for the first photo of Earth taken from the edge of our solar system. Carl Sagan observed how all of history’s triumphs, frailties, manias, and sublime insights occurred on the tiny dot of light seen in that photo. Our existence is both miraculous and fleeting from that vantage!


In this spirit, Blue Dot Consulting helps its clients make 

meaningful and uncommon contributions during their brief and beautiful chance to abide on the “pale blue dot.” 

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