• Relationships come first

  • Trust trumps money

  • Learning drives change

  • Creativity requires difference

  • Context matters

  • Work is fun

  • Effective action is the point

Meditation Class


We believe work is a vehicle to be become one's best self, that being alive is a creative act, and that the world can change despite evidence to the contrary.  We believe that taking discerning risks based in love is our shared obligation.  We invite direct experience of the life force that connects all things. We own and channel our power toward a better future at work, home and community.

Forest Trees

Retreats and Learning

Facilitation, training and leadership advising to enhance community resiliency and power

vision - plan - do - take stock 

trust - network building - peer learning

creative design + systems change

nature's principles + complex systems

mindfulness + adult development

Unfettered feedback

Vision articulation

Leadership development

Elegant design

Collaboration advising and facilitation

Stakeholder engagement

Asset mapping

Campaign readiness assessment

Acting with flow

Collaborative goal setting and implementation

Policy analysis and regulation design

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