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Discernment  ->  Learning  ->  Strategy  ->  Action  ->  Evaluation

All efforts to create change follow a natural impact cycle.  

Blue Dot Consulting helps leaders, initiatives, and organizations advance their

development across each stage.


Individual purpose

Team goal setting

Initiative formation

Organizational vision & mission

Clear direction is at the core of anything that endures.  But we can become decoupled from our purpose among competing demands and opportunities.  Blue Dot Consulting helps you discover and rediscover why you do what do. This provides clarity of 

action, effortless momentum, and the courage to remove the barriers that hold you back.

Landscape scan and opportunity assessment

  • Individual coaching and discernment guidance

  • Landscape scan and assessment

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Organizational culture audits and mapping

  • Journey mapping


Individual capacity building

Team skill & relationship building

Initiative theory of change

Organizational culture 

Adapting to constant change requires self-renewal among everyone involved. But learning that simply reinforces old habits and beliefs will not lead to growth and resilience.  Blue Dot Consulting helps individuals, teams and organizations create intentional, ongoing learning practices that are integrated with and tailored to their unique circumstances.  

Sample activities:

  • Building shared purpose, understanding and norms

  • Relationship strengthening skills and methods trainings 

  • Culture building retreats 


Individual develpment

Team action planning

Initiative priority setting

Organizational strategic planning 

A clear, nimble strategy is essential to moving from "the world as it is" to "the world as it could be".   But  seeing through biased opinions to attain a frank assessment of both obstacles and opportunities is no easy task.  Blue Dot Consulting facilitates strategy conversations that are direct, evidence-grounded and based in whole systems perspectives. .  through its highest aspirations.  

Sample activities:

  • Identifying unspoken obstacles and unseen opportunities 

  • Strategic planning

  • Action and implementation planning

  • and network engagement


Individual purpose

Team goal setting

Initiative formation

Organizational vision & mission


Individual action accountability

Team engagement

Initiative implementation

Organizational change

 Achieving a new reality comes down to taking concrete steps.  Despite this obvious fact, we get stuck.  Miscommunication, not adapting to fluid circumstances and self-limiting beliefs are among the factors that contribute to stalled efforts or actions that are like water into sand..  Blue Dot Consulting helps you deliver on purpose by developing opportunities,  implementation systems and communication channels that turn action into progress.

  • Minimum viable product and customer profile development

  • Work plan development, action planning and implementation

  • Individual leadership coaching

  • Leadership program design

  • Professional development planning

  • Mindful habit deconstruction


Indvidual benchmarks

Team reflection

Initiative metrics

Organizational assessment

Most teams focus on the task at hand, not the relationships that are required to do the work.  But relationships drive healthy workplace culture, staff retention, high performance, and overall organizational effectiveness.  
Sample activities:

  • Assessment and adaptation

  • Establishing relationship building practices

and Trainings

Take stock, learn, and adapt through customized experiences focused on action-oriented connection.

Humans are social, learning beings. Most workplaces do not create space for these fundamental traits—which are transformative assets—to be leveraged.    Sample activities and workshops:

  • Take stock and ecocycle planning retreats

  • Living Systems design

  • Mindfulness and human change

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Intercultural development inventory


change flows along lines of relationship.

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