Building trust to create change

building trust

Trust is philanthropy's

greatest asset.  


Building and maintaining trust is a learnable expertise..  When trust is broken, repairing it is essential to moving forward.  Matt helps you

earn trust at 4 essential levels:


  1. Trust in yourself.

  2. Trust among your teams.

  3. Trust throughout your enterprise.

  4. Trust alongside your partners.


Ask yourself the following questions to gauge the way trust lives in your organization.

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Change happens at the speed of trust.

-Steven Covey

creating change

Change grows in 

predictable stages.  


Using the wrong method at the wrong time can stall your philanthropic aspirations.  Matt helps you develop fluency at creating change, using these 5 phases as guideposts.  


  1. Know your stage.

  2. Learn and discern your response.

  3. Design & act on your values.

  4. Reflect on and evaluate the results.

  5. Build systems to repeat.


Ask yourself the following questions to assess your organization's 

relationship to change .

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Six Simple Rules of

Trust & Change in Philanthropy* 


Trust is present and change will ensue when staff, leadership, and board:

  1. Connect interpersonally.

  2. Listen to understand.

  3. Confide challenging truths.

  4. Disagree constructively.

  5. Feel safe to test, fail, and improve.

  6. Have fun and celebrate together.

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