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 Individual coaching
Nurture and accelerate your
personal and professional growth.

Imagine a relationship designed to build your best life.

We all need a safe place to be real. Where we are both cared for and empowered. Where we can exhale, tap our core wisdom, reconnect with a sense of possibility and build confidence to do what's next.


Most of all, we need to become who we are meant to be.

I provide a caring, safe, confidential and good-humored source of support, insight and accountability for this courageous inner-and-outer work. 

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New Client Offer

3 sessions. 60 minutes each.

Sliding scale fee.

$40-$100 per session.

You choose the price in that range.  

I'm a mindfulness-based coach.


I believe we all have an innate capacity to be calm, clear, creative, confident and courageous. I help clients access these transformative traits to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives.


I integrate an eclectic set of modalities and frameworks, including effortless 

mindfulness, internal family systems, somatic awareness and regulation, creativity research, complexity theory, Nature's design, intercultural competency, conflict dynamics, personal inquiry and EMDR. I measure effectiveness by clients taking concrete steps to create the life they want to live.

My coaching often discovers unexamined, self-limiting beliefs and habits at the root of problems. Together we address the impact of “small t” trauma that is pervasive in modern society. As clients develop the capacity to respond rather than react, it opens the door to new possibilities in life. I draw from the lessons of my personal healing journey to help clients gain perspective and find a path that ignites their passion for life. 

How can coaching make a difference for you?

  • Intention-setting: Finding your unique purpose and manifesting it with flow and adaptability.

  • Transition: Initiating and navigating significant life changes.

  • Stuckness: Getting clear about why traction isn’t happening and what to do about it.

  • Overwhelm: Prioritizing personal and professional needs, goals and choices.

  • Renewal: Rediscovering and recreating identity at mid-life.

  • Reckoning: Taking ownership and dealing with mistakes.

  • Resolution: Ending unhealthy patterns from family of origin, workplace and romantic relationships.

  • Catalyzing change: Honing your skills as a change agent in your family, work or community.

  • Breaking internal glass ceilings: Addressing self-limiting habits of thought and/or behavior.

  • Whiteness: Addressing the privileges, limits, and consequences of being a white male.

  • Applied mindfulness: begin or deepen a mindfulness practice that 
    permeates life "off the cushion."

Standard coaching packages

3 Sessions

Take stock. Reboot. Navigate sticky situations.

$150 per session.

10 Sessions

A deeper dive

into the heart

of what matters.

$125 per session. 


An ongoing partner for self-awareness and skillful action.

$100 per session. 

46 session/year.

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I appreciate Matt and I am grateful for working together. His questions allowed me to examine things from an angle I wouldn't have considered otherwise and opened up my heart towards beauty. His genuine curiosity enables the inner processes to unfold while I felt safe, supported and listened to during the sessions. I recommend Matt's coaching for those wholehearted beings who are unsure about their path yet but have the courage to step into the uncertainty to discover it.



Matt’s peaceful and understanding demeanor made for an easy connection in our first session. He was attentive and genuine and provided so many useful materials (some free/downloadable as well as useful book recommendations). Matt’s insight and thoughtful feedback helped me process a difficult life transition with confidence and relief. I will definitely recommend family and friends!


My sessions with Matt were perfect in terms of both timing and content.

Just knowing that we were going to meet periodically was enough to keep me focused on mindfulness practices in a way I have not previously experienced, which was a gift in itself.  Our sessions provided an authentic exploration of where I am trying to go on my own mindful path, and opportunities/resources I never would have thought of on my own.  I cannot recommend Matt’s mindfulness coaching highly enough.


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