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the impact cycle

Every effort to create change follows a natural impact cycle.  

Blue Dot Consulting helps individuals, teams, and organizations 

advance their development across each stage.


Clear direction guides enduring impact.  But competing demands, multiplying opportunities, and natural changes can take us off track. Discernment with Blue Dot Consulting helps clarify how you are uniquely positioned to make a difference on the pale blue dot.  What lies at the "sweet spot" of your mission, your assets and what the moment requires to advance change?

Sample activities:

  • Individual coaching and discernment guidance

  • Articulating shared purpose among teams and collaboratives

  • Landscape scan and stakeholder mapping for new initiatives

  • Formulating organizational mission and vision


Adapting to constant change requires a commitment to learning and renewal. Blue Dot Consulting helps create intentional, ongoing learning practices that are integrated with and tailored to workplace and life demands.  


Sample activities:​

  • Creating transformative individual development plans

  • Peer learning cohort convening and facilitation

  • Literature review, qualitative interviews, and needs assessments 

  • Relationship and network development skills and methods 

  • Organizational culture audits and culture building retreats 


Many believe that "strategic plans are long to make and quick to expire." But it needn't be that way!  Strategies can authentically drive change when built by those most directly impacted by the results.  


Blue Dot Consulting facilitates nimble strategies that candidly address 

underlying obstacles and direct toward highest aspirations.  We approach strategy as a core opportunity to develop organizational culture and leadership.


Sample activities:

  • Individual systems thinking

  • Project niche, action planning and scaling

  • Strategic planning and theory of change development

  • Assessment and design of structures, programs, policies, and processes 


The thrill of "doing" is seductive.  But action-first reactivity can blur our judgment and inhibit the growth of ourselves and those around us.  Blue Dot Consulting helps implement action plans with a grounded, clear and long-term focus on systemic results.  We specialize in fostering "gentle actions" that optimize impact through high-touch efforts.

Sample activities:

  • Individual mindful action and productivity practices

  • Problem analysis and solution finding workshops

  • Project implementation plans and management

  • Stakeholder and network development and engagement


Growth requires learning, and learning requires reflection. This 

includes taking stock of our efforts, examining assumptions, and 

generating new insights through dialogue. Through reflective practice, we intentionally collect qualitative and quantitative data to gain a more accurate understanding of how we change our situation...and how it changes us.


Sample activities:

  • Developing individual reflective practices through coaching

  • Review and planning workshops

  • Program and policy review, assessment and adaptation

  • Strategy review and modification

  • Retreats and workshops, including: living systems design principles,mindfulness, innovation and creativity, and relationship-based philanthropy


Individual purpose

Team goal setting

Initiative formation

Enterprise mission


Individual growth

Team skills & practices

Initiative change theory

Enterprise culture


Individual vision

Team action planning

Initiative design

Enterprise strategy


Individual agency

Team implementation

Initiative coordination

Enterprise engagement


Individual insight

Team adaptation

Initiative evaluation

Enterprise evolution

Discernment Anchor
Learning Anchor
Straegy anchor
Action anchor
Reflectio anchor

change flows along lines of relationship.

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