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Hi! Here's how to access 
your ecocycle download.

Please enter your email below to receive a download link. 

It should arrive in your inbox lickety-split.  If you can't find it, check your spam folder!


Rest assured, I will never share your contact info.  

I WILL send you a notice when I publish a new blog...about 2-3 times/month.  I'm gradually trying to build an audience as a writer, and hope to earn your ongoing readership.  But you if you immediately hit sweat, I get it.


I hope the resources below serve your well being in some way.  

Because after all, "life's a thump-ripe melon, so sweet and such a mess" -Greg Brown

Thanks so much,


The ecocycle:

planning template with instructions

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 3.38.23 PM.png

Thank you!

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