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Forest Trees
 Family + business philanthropy
Beyond "giving" to purpose, 
connection and lasting change.

In a nutshell

I clarify your deep calling, guide strategic analysis and design actions tailored to your unique voice, goals and life circumstances.  

The limits of good intentions

You’re passionate about creating change, but what will really make a difference?  There are so many needs…where to focus, how to begin, how do you know it’s working?  And is there anything beyond the “routine” philanthropy of being bombarded with requests and writing hopeful checks?  

Most of all…how might philanthropy manifest your vision for life, express your core values and also strengthen your community in an impactful way?

When we do not allow ourselves

to receive, we do not allow others to give.

Partnership, not sponsorship

Imagine practicing philanthropy as a transformative relationship, not a passing transaction. Through it, you model the mutuality, partnership, courageous truth-telling and compassionate understanding that the world so badly needs to know is still possible. Your philanthropy is a place of learning, evolution, and gradually healing what is broken. It is your powerful, personal answer to David Whyte's Start Close In

I can help you get there.

I spent nearly 20 years leveraging the tools of philanthropy to create positive change.  My lifelong commitment to the inner life called me to coaching and creating a new path.  Now I help others connect their deep purpose with strategic action to create their best life through their philanthropy practice.   

Philanthropy coaching

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Purpose + strategy setting

Launch + implement

Learn + adapt

Take stock + renew

As my husband and I have strategically positioned our company to be a force for good in all we do, Matt has been and continues to be a tremendous guide through the various stages of development.  Matt is an exceptional facilitator who has a gift for asking just the right questions to facilitate deep thinking and discernment.  Matt’s ability to help us think broadly about what is possible and then determine steps for moving forward with our vision has allowed us to have greater impact in a shorter period of time.  Thanks, Matt!


Tammy Day | Daycos

Norfolk, Nebraska

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