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Change your perspective... change your approach creating change in your world.


I coach individuals and teams, facilitate action, and guide organizations.  I help clients build the skills, mindsets, and processes to cultivate what I call "agile wisdom," the ability to engage complex, demanding situations with clarity, confidence, and connection.  This leads to seeing more options, building better relationships, and doing work that is more elegantly designed and impactful.  

Matt Rezac, founder of Blue Dot Consulting

I long for a world that is finally getting better because all people feel free and welcome to share their gifts, difficult conversations are constructively had, breakthrough insights create positive social and environmental change, and love for connection causes people to opt out of selfishness and fear. 


If that resonates with you, let's connect!


Why Blue Dot?

Blue Dot Consulting was named for the first photo of Earth taken from the edge of our solar system. Carl Sagan observed how all of history’s triumphs, frailties, manias, and sublime insights occurred on the tiny dot of light seen in that photo. Our existence is both miraculous and fleeting from that vantage!


In this spirit, Blue Dot Consulting helps organizations and leaders make meaningful and uncommon contributions during their brief and beautiful chance to abide on the “pale blue dot.” 

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