Individual coaching
Nurture, focus and accelerate your
personal and professional growth.

In a nutshell

I help you become the next version of your best self. My experience developing leaders and use of mindfulness-based coaching practices help unleash and focus your innate curiosity, clarity, creativity and courage. 

Standing at the growth edge.

Throughout life, we are asked to become what we’ve never been before.  New circumstances, opportunities, needs and goals require us to grow.  But it can be difficult to take time for our own development when immediate needs—often other peoples’ needs—demand our attention.


Plus, we are generally not taught the skills to discern, pursue and manifest our best self. Where do I focus?  

How can I do this in a healthy, effective way that fits in my life?  Does it even matter?

An uncommon relationship

Imagine having a relationship where the sole intention is to support your 

becoming. Your life agenda is crystalized. You feel both cared for and empowered, tapping your core energy, sense of possibility and assuredness about what to do next. Most of all, you see yourself making progress toward the person you’ve always wanted to be. You have more to offer your loved ones, your work and your community too.

You deserve a coach.

Coaching is that relationship. It is a process of attuning to your purpose, creating a vision you love, and generating practical steps to get there. As a coach, I help you create forward momentum, address self-limiting patterns that get in your way, and help you stay accountable to creating a life you love.

3 session

10 session


Write a powerful Individual development plan (IDPs)

Navigate difficult situations

Set life direction + navigate transitions

Release and replace habits

Begin or deepen

a mindfulness  practice

Matt’s peaceful and understanding demeanor made for an easy connection in our first session. He was attentive and genuine and provided so many useful materials (some free/downloadable as well as useful book recommendations). Matt’s insight and thoughtful feedback helped me process a difficult life transition with confidence and relief. I will definitely recommend family and friends!


My sessions with Matt were perfect in terms of both timing and content.

Just knowing that we were going to meet periodically was enough to keep me focused on mindfulness practices in a way I have not previously experienced, which was a gift in itself.  Our sessions provided an authentic exploration of where I am trying to go on my own mindful path, and opportunities/resources I never would have thought of on my own.  I cannot recommend Matt’s mindfulness coaching highly enough.


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