Learning + collaboration
Turn groups into communities that excel at
working and adapting together.

In a nutshell

I create space for groups to deepen rapport and engage with what matters most.  I build capacity for transformational learning, shared purpose, candid and constructive conflict, and the ability improvise a forward path together.

Oh no...more meetings.

Working in groups holds so much promise. We can learn from others, feel supported and motivated, and accomplish what one person could never do alone. 

Unfortunatley, groups can devolve into Yet Another Meeting where we plan to plan, endure personal agendas and accommodate domineering personalities.

A life-giving experience of work

What if you experienced authentic community instead?  Places where different lived experiences added up to a greater whole, where each person’s unique perspective was heard and valued? What if your

best skills were amplified through intentional alignment with what other’s do 

best?  What if you didn’t have to worry about politics…and instead were freed by trust to do your best work ?  Your curiosity, expertise, and natural desire to grow could be leveraged through relationships to generate an uncommon body of work.  

I can help you create this.

I build communities of learning and collaboration by leveraging the synergy between three powerful components:  intrinsic curiosity, trusting relationships, and growth-edge action.  

Facilitate shared purpose, planning 

and implementation 

Assess current team dynamics

Design and develop capacity for

group practices

Foster team culture

Convene peer learning


Matt supported our team during a period of significant internal and external transition. He helped convene a cross-functional group of colleagues to identify a set of shared values and goals, distill complex – and sometimes competing – ideas, and chart a forward course. Through it all, he used visuals and metaphors to help simplify and capture our thinking in ways that resonated across our organization. We are grateful for his support!

Erin Imon Gavin | Director of Program Integration

The McKnight Foundation

Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a member of a virtual learning group that Matt leads, I’m continually impressed by the skills he brings to this work. He represents the combination of effective leadership and sensitivity to the needs of each individual. He models respect and empathy, encouraging participation while helping to keep us on track. Matt’s warm attentiveness, combined with his sense of humor, create a safe space for self-expression within our diverse community. His vision and guidance would be valuable to teams navigating organizational change. 

Laura Washburn | Licensed clinical social worker

Effortless Mindfulness Virtual Learning Cohort Member

Amherst, Massachusetts.

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