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what we do

 Blue Dot Consulting works with the inner life of individuals, teams, and organizations.  

We help you unlock self-limiting patterns, develop new insights, and apply design tools 

to better see and do what needs to be done.

Self-Development Coaching

In each stage of life

we have a growth edge,

beyond which lies our

next best self. 

Our growth edge represents the new identity toward which

we feel called, but don’t yet know how to be.  It's like entering a dark room:  we bump around, feel uncomfortable and resistant, and sometimes let old habits get in our way.  But we persist because in that room is who we want to be.  


Blue Dot Consulting is your guide, advocate, ally, provocateur, and strategist as you navigate

the next best steps toward

your next best self in work and life.




happens through


Blue Dot Consulting has extensive experience designing

and facilitating learning cohorts

built on the intrinsic curiosity  

shared by all people.


We create learning environments 

where participants self-develop

their capacity for leadership, discernment, and strategic action.  

The results are expanded skills, deepened self-awareness,

and new relationships

that lead to greater impact.

Strategy & Design

Many things

must be in place

before a dollar can

make a difference.

 This includes clarity about how

we are uniquely positioned

to make change, insight into the systemic leverage points

of the issues we care about,

and an ability to

design and evaluate our actions.  


Blue Dot Consulting is expert

at each stage, bridging

the “world as it is” with philanthropy’s vision of

“the world as it could be.”

Working Effectively Across 

Our internal filters both

limit and make possible

our understanding

of the world around us.

Our filters distort how we interpret

data, news, conversations, and relationships.  They reinforce what we think, what we believe, and what protects us from feeling vulnerable.  


Working effectively across differences starts with awareness of how these filters direct our behavior.  We can then see our biases with understanding and learn to meet difference with an unguarded, open heart.  


Blue Dot Consulting has a unique background in intercultural development, interpretation theory, & mindfulness.  Through tailored learning and action, we help organizations leverage the power of difference to increase understanding, effectiveness, and innovation.

Retreats for Discernment, Design, Planning & Action

Let’s face it:

we’re all going crazy

with busy-ness

We know we need to stop sometimes and take a breath., but reflection lands at the bottom of our list.  Occasionally, we wedge strategic planning into the blur, but the high expectations don’t match the short shrift we give it.  We end up anxious, overwhelmed, and fatigued.


Blue Dot Consulting convenes retreats to give you much-needed space for:

purposeful connections,  new perspectives, taking stock, commiserating, celebrating, and thought provoking conversation.  


Retreats range from informal and free-flowing to focused planning to big-picture strategizing. We share our knowledge, guide hard conversations, and help you rediscover purpose.

services: Services

change flows along lines of relationship.

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