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Initiative and 
Program Design

Design and adapt programs to be best fit, light touch, long lasting and high impact.

Many great ideas fail as initiatives.  Poor fit, overengineering and administrative busyness end up depleting momentum.  We use Living System design to help your programs be agile, long-lasting, low-overhead and tailored to your circumstances.  Sample activities:

  • Landscape scan and opportunity assessment

  • Niche identification

  • Minimum viable product and customer profile development

  • Assessment and adaptation

  • Journey mapping

Culture and
Organizational Change

Develop a culture where relationships are the vehicle of performance, change, innovation and resilience.

Peter Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy for lunch.  He's right!  Unfortunately, fostering cultures that are authentic and not forced org-speak remains elusive. We can help, but it requires frank dialogue and commitment among leaders.  Sample activities:

  • Culture audit and organizational mapping

  • Identifying unspoken obstacles and unseen opportunities 

  • Relationship strengthening skills and methods trainings 

  • Culture building retreats 

Strategy Development
and Implementation

Intentionally shift your organization's trajectory through practical strategy work that gets to the heart of what matters.

Attaining clarity of purpose and a nimble strategy are essential to moving an organization from its current reality to its highest aspirations.  They are also ripe opportunities to develop organizational culture and leadership. Sample activities:

  • Strategic planning 

  • Landscape scan and assessment

  • Action and implementation planning

  • Stakeholder mapping and network engagement

Leadership Development

Use the workplace as a vehicle toward highest, best self at the intersection of personal and professional growth.

Individuals limit and make possible what organizations do.  Inner challenges hinder potential in unexpected ways.  The workplace is a prime location for breakthroughs that develop leadership traits like curiosity, creativity, and connection.  Sample activities:

  • Individual leadership coaching

  • Leadership program design

  • Professional development planning

  • Mindful habit deconstruction


Build engaged teams that accomplish more than the sum of their parts. 

Most teams focus on the task at hand, not the relationships that are required to do the work.  But relationships drive healthy workplace culture, staff retention, high performance, and overall organizational effectiveness.  
Sample activities:

  • Building shared purpose, understanding and norms

  • Establishing relationship building practices

  • Work plan development, action planning and implementation

and Trainings

Take stock, learn, and adapt through customized experiences focused on action-oriented connection.

Humans are social, learning beings. Most workplaces do not create space for these fundamental traits—which are transformative assets—to be leveraged.    Sample activities and workshops:

  • Take stock and ecocycle planning retreats

  • Living Systems design

  • Mindfulness and human change

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Intercultural competency

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change flows along lines of relationship.

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