Organizational stewardship
Do your inner work as an organization.

In a nutshell

I develop high-functioning leadership teams, decentralized structures, and organizational cultures that are healed and generative.

Energy-depleting institutions

Organizations who neglect their “inner work” can severely undermine their own mission. Limiting effects include poor communication, burdensome processes, shadow rules and manipulative behavior. Great people experience frustration, wheel-spinning, disengagement, and burnout...and soon look to take their life energy elsewhere.

Toward exceptional stewardship

Organizations, like all living things, can be nurtured to thrive, flower, and even heal. Imagine creating a workplace where:

The quality of an intervention is dependent upon the interior 

condition of the intervener.


Otto Scharmer

  • Employees become their best selves while doing their best work; 

  • Elegant structures use efficient, “gentle” design to create the greatest impact with the least effort;

  • Scars and trauma are treated systemically, with compassionate, human-first methods

Your partner in nurturing culture

I help organizations create thriving, productive workplace communities where people are excited to invest their life energy.  I operate in the following roles as an partner, advisor and confidant:

Senior leadership facilitation

I help leadership teams build rapport, shared purpose, collaborative insights, and emergent strategies.

Organizational design

I guide elegant design of programs and structures that are decentralized, efficient at scale and use only the resources needed.

Organizational healing

I walk with organizations limited by past scars to create workplace communities that are healed and generative. 

Matt is encouraging, creative – inspiring!  Working with him feels like quenching my thirst.  He knows leadership and is a master at process design, facilitation, and helping groups be their best together.  Fun and humor are special hallmarks of Matt’s work...and sometimes even joy. 


Bernadine Joselyn | Director

Public Policy & Engagement

Blandin Foundation

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

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