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Practices that

           nurture what is 


All life is interdependent and constantly changing.  

We can leverage these truths to reimagine our workplaces, communities and personal lives. 

We can replace constricting, mechanistic ways of thinking with the deeper capacity

for nimble, skillful action that already exists within us.  


The following practices are the cornerstone of this transformational work.

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Forest Trees


Coaching is a unique relationship whose sole intention is to help the client build their desired future. It is a process to generate practical steps toward goals and stick with them. Individual coaching supports and accelerate personal and professional development; team coaching optimizes group performance.  


Coaching reflects a belief that being our “best self” drives exceptional 

outcomes at work, in community, and in personal relationships. It can nurture a deeper awareness that Self and context are radically interdependent - we shape our world as our world shapes us. Mindful coaching attunes us to our most basic nature, where we operate from our best qualities more effortlessly.

Areas of speciality

~ Mission-driven leadership

~ Philanthropy

~ Shifting complex systems

~ Team coaching

~ Mindfulness-based coaching

~ Life transitions and career shifts

~ Rebuilding after disruption

~ Transforming habits

As a mindfulness-based coach,

I help clients access the

calm, caring, creative, and connected qualities

at the root of our true nature.


Student Coach



Authentic conversation is how we discover shared meaning, plan collaborative action, generate new ideas, deepen and expand our connections, and make powerful compromises. It is how we learn to see from another's perspective, 

gaining a more complete sense of the system within which we operate.


Unfortunately, contrived conversation can be used to marginalize, control, and dissipate energy. I help clients eliminate these harmful and too-common ways of relating. 


I develop capacity for fostering connection and purpose to create forward movement where it is needed most, I help teams convene in collegial, action-oriented conversations, share new ideas, productively name tensions, and create a path forward together.

Areas of speciality

~ Facilitation and facilitation coaching

~ Mission, vision, values and norms

~ Strategy, action and implementation

~ Consensus and prioritization

~ Engaging virtual meetings

~ Adaptive action 

~ Conflict and compromise

~ Creative solution finding

~ Tailored decision ​processes

Conversation is a game with some hard rules:

say only what you mean, say it as accurately as you can,

listen to and respect what the other says, no matter how different, be willing to correct or defend your opinions, to argue if necessary, to confront if demanded, to endure necessary conflict,

and to change your mind if the evidence suggests it.  

~ David Tracy


Certified Facilitator

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Curiosity is the trailhead to growth. It is how we transcend what we already know (or think we know!) and take the bold risk of considering other possibilities.  Curiosity is a "super power" that fuels continuous improvement and guides us through failure and hardship.  It is a mindset and skill that can be nurtured in individuals, teams and entire organizations.


help clients hone their curiosity through intentional learning. I create tools to measure progress while leaving space for intuition and discovery. I foster safe spaces where What We Don't Know is openly shared and used like signposts toward deeper understanding and better performance. 

Areas of speciality

~ Professional development planning

~ Feedback giving and receiving

~ Peer learning cohorts

~ Landscape scanning

~ Program evaluation

~ Organizational culture audits

~ Employee perception surveys

~ Mapping structures & mental models

~ Training and retreats

~ Integrating learning into workflow

Do the best you can until you know better,

then when you know better, do better.

~ Maya Angelou 

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Channeling conflict

Conflict is among our most misunderstood and underutilized assets.  It is like a chemical reaction that produces new elements of understanding and possibility. 

Conflict is where imbalances of power are realigned, misunderstandings are corrected, critical issues are given voice and necessary behavior changes come to light.  


Unfortunately, our society has not learned to engage in conflict beyond fight or flight. The energy of our divisions tear us apart rather than generate a greater whole.

help clients practice healthy conflict to create better outcomes for all.  This includes developing competency in white individuals and white-dominant organizations to directly face the conflict of racial inequity and participate in the creation of an equitable future.

Areas of speciality

~ Administering and coaching to the Conflict Dynamics Profile

~ Administering and coaching to the Intercultural Developmentt Inventory

~ Training on workplace conflict resolution for managers

~ Training on constructive conflict communication skills

~ Facilitating conflict resolution

We don't know what's coming,

but we know w'e're in it together.

~ Stewart Brand

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