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Money, talent, and ideas aren't enough to create change.

New ways of thinking, relating, and behaving can help us do more with the resources entrusted to us.


I help clients:

  • foster trust

  • integrate organizational silos

  • engage in constructive conflict

  • benefit from diverse perspectives

  • distribute leadership

  • integrate continuous learning 

  • develop mindful awareness 


I help clients expand their “growth edge,"  

develop agile wisdom, experience more joy, and be of greater service to the world.  I am passionate about unknotting self-limiting habits of thought and behavior that put a glass ceiling on innate potential.  I help clients learn to reliably access the calm, caring, creative, and connected qualities at the root of their best self.

Areas of expertise:

  • Individual coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Coaching for facilitators

  • Coaching for philanthropy

  • Mindfulness coaching


As a certified ToP facilitator, I help teams be more effective, connected, and invested in their work. I host collegial, productive conversations 

to share new ideas, name tensions, and create a path forward together.

Services include:

  • Facilitation and facilitation coaching

  • Strategic planning, action planning and implementation

  • Designing meeting "arcs": discussion sequences to achieve tailored outcomes

  • Designing and convening peer learning

  • Facilitating conflict and conciliation 

  • Virtual facilitation of all the above

Conflict Mediation

As a certified administrator of the Conflict Dynamics Profile, I help individuals, teams, and managers engage in constructive conflict that leads to solutions rather than draining energy.  

Services include:

  • Administering the Conflict Development Inventory.

  • Individual and the team conflict coaching

  • Training managers on workplace conflict mediation techniques.

Organizational development

I develop impactful organizations where people grow. I work with you to create elegant solutions that make your organization's success more effortless. 

Services include:

  • Strategy development 

  • Making the system seen:  mapping organizational structures, mental models, and narratives

  • Illuminating employee insights through interviews and focus groups

  • Fostering trust and shared vision in leadership teams

  • Developing program logic models and evaluation plans

  • Landscape scanning

Training & retreats

I host participatory trainings and retreats to accelerate development of agile wisdom. I design experiences that are engaging, provocative, and useful.

Topics include:

  • Engaged mindfulness

  • Building creative capacity in teams

  • Intercultural competency and the Intercultural Development Inventory

  • Complexity and improvisation at work

  • Living systems design for organizations, programs, and leaders

  • Planning, learning and connection retreats tailored to your team's curiosity and needs

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