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Kind words from fellow humans


Matts ability to engage everybody in a group setting is incredible. He effortlessly navigates our cohorts landscape, creating meaningful connections that celebrate diversity and promote heart provoking conversation. His mindful approach is truly a gift for those organizations seeking ways to cultivate awareness, leadership and calls to action to bring out the best in everyone. Thanks Matt for all you offer.

Shawn Hadley | Awareness Based Manual Therapist

Effortless Mindfulness Virtual Learning Cohort Co-Lead

Sedona, AZ

In 2019, we began to lay the groundwork for expanding our philanthropy into Nebraska. We turned to Matt Rezac to help us get started. He shared with us his deep knowledge of the foundation/nonprofit community, key leaders we should connect with, and about the most pressing unmet community needs. As a result, we were quickly able to make connections and learn where we could have an impact through our giving. Matt was especially helpful in providing insight into the needs of rural communities and the nonprofits working in them. 

JoAnn Birkholz | Director

Medica Foundation

Minneapolis, MN


Matt Rezac is an exceptional facilitator who has a gift for asking just the right questions to facilitate deep thinking and discernment.  As my husband and I have strategically positioned our company to be a force for good in all we do, Matt has been and continues to be a tremendous guide through the various stages of development.  Matt’s ability to help us think broadly about what is possible and then determine steps for moving forward with our vision has allowed us to have greater impact in a shorter period of time.  Thanks, Matt!


Tammy Day | Daycos

Norfolk, NE


As a member of a virtual learning group that Matt leads, I’m continually impressed by the skills he brings to this work. He represents the combination of effective leadership and sensitivity to the needs of each individual. He models respect and empathy, encouraging participation while helping to keep us on track. Matt’s warm attentiveness, combined with his sense of humor, create a safe space for self-expression within our diverse community. His vision and guidance would be valuable to teams navigating organizational change.


Laura Washburn | Licensed clinical social worker

Effortless Mindfulness Virtual Learning Cohort Member

Amherst, Massachusetts.

Matt is encouraging, creative – inspiring!  Working with him feels like quenching my thirst.  He knows philanthropy and leadership and community development and is a master at process design, facilitation, and helping groups be their best together.  Fun and humor are special hallmarks of Matt’s work...and sometimes even joy. 


Bernadine Joselyn | Director

Public Policy & Engagement

Blandin Foundation

Grand Rapids, MN

Kate and Matt conducted a rigorous and thoughtful evaluation of the City of Minneapolis’ health inspections program in 2019. The City had been stuck in a cyclical debate about the “right” level of resources to devote to this important regulatory activity – with policymakers on either side of the argument; some felt there was over-regulation occurring and others felt the existing staff resources were not enough to get the job done.


Kate and Matt jumped right in to study the issue, navigating and internalizing extremely complex material in a very short time. They respectfully integrated varied perspectives and shared an actionable set of recommendations that all sides got behind and which the City has already adopted. As a result, the City has redeployed staff from non-critical work to more high-impact areas of our health inspections program. Businesses feel heard, residents can have confidence in the establishments they dine out at, and policymakers are able to focus their efforts on solving other problems.


This multiple-win experience has shown City leaders the value of Program Evaluation as a tool to help us increase our efficiency and effectiveness as a service delivery organization. As the City’s contract manager working directly with Kate and Matt on the project I appreciated all they brought in terms of IQ, EQ, and fun! I was able to parachute in and out of the project because I trusted their abilities and drive for results – and I look forward to being able to hire them again to help the City work through any future problem we may encounter.

Micah Intermill | Budget Director

City of Minneapolis

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