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 Build workplace community
Do your inner work as an organization.

Creating workplace communities of belonging

Community is an experience of belonging and shared purpose. Healthy organizations create belonging for many reasons, such as to attract talent, accomplish complex goals and live out their social mission. Belonging is built by doing your "inner work" as an organization, such as fostering trust, self-awareness, constructive conflict and centering equity.

When organizations neglect their "inner work,"it undermines belonging and purpose, creating a fragmented culture that risks the organization's viability. Great people experience frustration, wheel-spinning, disengagement and burnout. 

I believe the biggest factor that undermines 

belonging is the presence of white-dominant cultural norms. These include hierarchical, perfectionistic, controlling, and conflict-avoidant ways of operating. They silently determine everything from how people hold meetings to the design of programs and policies to the mindsets and culture beneath basic organizational assumptions. They may have once served organizations by optimizing productivity in a predictable environment with a homogenous workforce. But they do not serve the needs of a complex, multi-cultural world.

The quality of an intervention is dependent upon the interior 

condition of the intervener.


Otto Scharmer

Sadly, white-dominant cultural norms pervade the thought and behavior of practically everyone operating in western society. Neither BIPOC nor white people have experienced the benefits of a truly equitable societal setting.


I help organizations interrupt white dominant organizational norms and create healthier ways of being together. This is powerful "inner work." It includes culture, strategy, team building, DEI initiatives, conflict mediation and organizational design. It is sensitive to organizational trauma and fosters organizational healing and wellbeing in a holistic way.

I play many supporting roles to foster workplace community and belonging:

Senior leadership 

coach and convener

I help leadership teams build rapport, shared purpose, collaborative insights, and emergent strategies.

Strategy and organizational design

I guide design of strategy, programs and structures that are values-driven, elegant and bureaucracy-resistant.

Skills for belonging

I administer the intercultural development inventory (IDI) and conflict dynamics profile and train in workplac conflict mediation. I help teams develop skills and practices for participation and inclusion. 

Matt is encouraging, creative – inspiring!  Working with him feels like quenching my thirst.  He knows leadership and is a master at process design, facilitation, and helping groups be their best together.  Fun and humor are special hallmarks of Matt’s work...and sometimes even joy. 


Bernadine Joselyn | Director

Public Policy & Engagement

Blandin Foundation

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

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